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Spoken Irish is a one stop shop solution for your core curricular Irish. All our learning is based on useable spoken Irish. Because we focus on communicative language first our students motivation builds from lesson to lesson to deliver much more efficient and satisfying progress. Our sequence of learning is different to traditional methods but all areas are covered (incl. reading, writing and grammar) and better understood in a living language context.

Why our teachers love us
  1. Over 90% of the class become fully engaged.
    Our solution gets the whole class learning the right kind of Irish. It becomes increasingly enjoyable with steadily improving ability to use the language. Everyone wants to be a part of something that's working.
  2. Excellent support materials. changes how Irish is delivered. It becomes about acquisition rather than teaching and learning. The materials provided for in class task based practice make this easy and obvious.
  3. Focused practical lesson plans and integrated Assessment for Learning tools make light work of Irish related admin and prepping.
  4. Live progress reporting, self and peer assessment aids, delivering language input while capturing output, everything is covered.
  5. "It's just great that my students can use what their leaning and enjoy it."

Getting Started with
  1. Use our demo account to follow the Quick Tour
  2. Create your own account by following our Getting Started walk-through.
  3. Read the About Us, FAQ and finally our Training pages.
Find the link from your Teacher Dashboard Link to Training.

Our training takes 2 half hour sessions plus a Zoom orientation with us.
  1. Finish adding the students in your class. First names only is recommended.
  2. Send this link to students and their parents How to get started with
  3. Set a lesson from Level 1 for the start of each week.It's critical to start at the easiest level until you have the whole class onboard and using the language freely during practice.
  4. Students are automatically guided through their first steps when they log in for the first time. We handle all technical queries directly so you don't have to.

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